Ajax Training in Nagpur Learn Ajax from Developer and also create a project

Ajax Training in Nagpur with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in Ajax and related technologies for more years. We aware of industry needs and we are offering Ajax Training in Nagpur in a more practical way.

Ajax Training in Nagpur with Real-time Practice and Live Projects

Recommended Technology


Learn from basic to advance HTML 5 web programming


CSS is very important in web designing to arrange the webpage


JavaScript to bring interactive controls and functionality

PHP/Advanced PHP

This PHP course explains how to use PHP and MySQL


AJAX Training in Nagpur course overview

AJAX Training in Nagpur explains how to use Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to create interactive & dynamic web pages. After completing our Ajax course you will be able to build web applications that do not require a page refresh. Next, to learning Ajax you will also get a chance to work with JSON and integrate jQuery, PHP with Ajax. Few practical AJAX based projects at the end of the course will ensure that you can apply AJAX on your web projects

Prerequisites for AJAX Training in Nagpur

A good knowledge of HTML and CSS and JavaScript is required. You can get a good knowledge of HTML and CSS by taking our web design course.
AJAX Training in Nagpur before enroll You must have either experience of building projects with a back-end web development languages or attend one of our back-end web development courses like PHP training.

Training from professional AJAX developers

Appzmine developer has been implementing professional AJAX solutions across a range of websites for many years. Those consultants write and teach our AJAX training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

Real-time Practice and Projects

AJAX Training in Nagpur is designed to get you started in AJAX development. We work on industry related projects in this AJAX. These projects help you create your AJAX portfolio.
Ajax Training in Nagpur Course Content
Ajax Overview
  • The overview of Ajax
  • Traditional Web Application
  • An Ajax Web Application
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Handling the Respons


Ajax Frameworks
  • The Purpose of Frameworks
  • Choosing a Framework
  • Dojo
  • Downloading Dojo
  • Using Dojo for Ajax
  • Prototype
  • Downloading Prototype
  • Using Prototype for Ajax
  • Other Popular Frameworks
  • Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
  • AjaxAnywhere
  • Simple Ajax (SAJAX)
  • Sarissa
  • Other Frameworks
The HTML Document Object Model
  • Accessing Nodes
  • Accessing Element Nodes
  • Accessing Attribute Nodes
  • getAttribute
  • attributes
  • Accessing Nodes by Type, Name or Value
  • Accessing Nodes by Class Name
  • Removing Nodes from the DOM
  • DOM Differences The Whitespace Problem
  • Creating New Nodes
XML and Ajax
  • Creating a DOM Document with JavaScript
  • Accessing, Creating and Modifying XML Nodes
  • Creating an AddChild() Function
  • Receiving XML Responses
  • Passing XML to the Server


Ajax Applications
  • Login Form
  • Quick Lookup Form
  • Preloaded Data
  • Ajax Slideshow
  • Navigable Tables
OO JavaScript and Refactoring Ajax
  • Illustrating the Problem
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • JavaScript Classes
  • Prototypes
  • Extending Built-in Objects
  • Refactoring the Ajax Request Code
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Object Literals
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Arrays in Objects
  • Objects in Arrays
  • JSON
  • JSON Syntax
  • JSON Parsers
  • JSON Advantages and Disadvantages
XSLT Transformations with JavaScript
  • XSLT
  • Basic XSLT
  • XSLT in the Browser
  • XSLT in Internet Explorer
  • XSLT in Mozilla
  • Sarissa
  • XSLT in Ajax Applications
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of XSLT in Ajax Applications
Drag and Drop
  • Drag and Drop Basics
  • script,culo
  • Draggable
  • Droppables
  • A More Interesting Example
Ajax Applications
  • Inline Editing
  • Detailed Information on Demand
  • Autologout
  • Autocompletion
XSLT Basics
  • eXtensible Stylesheet Language
  • An XSLT Stylesheet
  • XSL template
  • xslvalue-of
  • Whitespace and XML text
  • Output Types
  • Text
  • XML
  • HTML
  • XSLT Elements and Attributes
  • XML element
  • XML attribute
  • Attributes and Curly Brackets


  • XPath in XSLT
  • XPath Expression
  • XPath Terminology
  • Context Node
  • Current Node
  • Context Size
  • Proximity Position
  • Location Paths
  • Axis
  • Node Test
  • Predicate
  • Accessing Nodes
  • Abbreviated Syntax
  • XPath Functions
  • XPath Operators
XSLT Templates, Parameters and Variables
  • xslapply-templates
  • xslcall-template
  • Passing Parameters
  • Removing Content
  • Template Modes
  • Template Priority
  • Default Priorities
  • Assigning Priorities
  • XSLT Variables
Flow Control in XSLT
  • Looping in XSLT
  • Sorting with XSLT
  • Looping and Sorting
  • Conditions with XSLT

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