Instructor-led Android Training & Internship in Nagpur with Live Project

Android training in Nagpur is provided Android App Development Training aims to give you the essential skills to build commercial-quality apps for Android smartphone and tablet platforms.

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Android Training in Nagpur, Android App Development Training in Nagpur

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Android Training in Nagpur course overview

Android Training in Nagpur, Android App Development Training in Nagpur is conveying the fundamental skills necessary to develop and deploy Android Apps on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. the student will design and develop a variety of Android Apps throughout the training session. At the end of the Training, we will build a practical Android Application in the classroom and learn how to upload it to the Android Market. This app development project will ensure that you can build your own apps for Android.

Android App Development Training in Nagpur includes different Android development concepts such as Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, Graphics & Animation, Database for Android App and Integration with APIs. After completing our Android app training course you would be able to build applications for Android.


Prerequisites for Android Training in Nagpur

You should have practical experience in Java programming. This course is not suitable for the student with no Java programming experience. If you have no previous Java programming experience then you can first consider enrolling on our core Java training.

Training from professional Android application developers

Appzmine been implementing the professional Android app for many years. Those consultants write and teach our Android app training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

Real-time Practice and Live Projects

Our Android Training in Nagpur is designed to get you started in Android app development. We work on industry related projects in this Android app. If you have a project or an idea that you wanted to turn into an app then present that idea during the course and our trainers will help you to work on your own application.
Android Training in Nagpur Course Content
Getting Started with Android App Development
  • Fundamental Components of Android Phones and Tablets
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse to Create Apps
  • Testing Apps Using the Simulator
  • Understanding Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Mastering User Interface Layouts
  • Pros And Cons of Different Layout Models
  • Using Containers to Control the Location of Widgets
  • Defining a Widget’s Position Relative to Other Widgets
  • Overlapping Widgets
  • Using Table-Based Layouts
  • Enabling Scrolling
Menus, Action Bars and Popups
  • Adding Traditional Application Menus to Apps
  • Displaying Context Menus When Users Tap and Hold
  • Using Actionbars (Toolbars For Android Apps)
  • Displaying Popup Messages
Working with App Activities and Intent Filters
  • The Application Activity Lifecycle
  • Saving Data when Apps are Paused Or Killed
  • Using Threads to Run Background Services
  • Launching Sub-Activities
  • Handling Phone Calls
  • Optimizing Device Resources
Saving Files and Images
  • Storing Images, Strings, and Arrays
  • Playing Audio and Video Files
  • Best Practices for Saving Files
  • Creating and Storing Wallpapers
Handling Rotation and Different Screen Sizes
  • Different Strategies for Handing Screen Rotations
  • Controlling UI Changes when Screens Rotate
  • Issues Related to Tablets and Larger Screens
  • Creating UIs that are Compatible with All Screen Sizes (Right-Sizing)
Deploying to Android Devices
  • Checking for and Requiring Phone or Tablet Features
  • Deploying to the Android Store
  • Deploying Directly to Devices
Creating the User Interface (UI)
  • Core Components of Android User Interfaces (UIs)
  • Using Android’s XML-Based Layout System to Define UIs
  • Common Widgets
    • Buttons
    • Labels
    • Checkboxes
  • UI Layout Best Practices
Accepting User Input
  • The Android Input Method Framework
  • Getting Input from Attached and/or Internal Keyboards
  • Processing Choices with Selection Lists
  • Adding Icons to Selection Lists
  • Using Sliders and Checkboxes
  • Using Date and Time Pickers
  • Responding to Taps And Swipes
Advanced User Interfaces and the WebKit Browser
  • Embedding HTML Content in Apps with WebKit
  • Displaying Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Using Tabs to Display Multiple UIs
  • Applying Standard Styles and Fonts
  • Creating Reusable UI Components with Fragments
Data Management
  • Embedding SQLite Databases in Apps
  • Permanently Storing Data in Local Databases
  • Retrieving Database Data when Apps Start
  • Best Practices for Data Management
Using Java Libraries and Web Services
  • Using Pre-Compiled Java Libraries
  • Connecting to Web Services (such as Google Maps)
  • Downloading Internet Content
Working with Built-in Android Features
  • Accessing and Using MapView
  • Getting the Location of the Phone Or Tablet
  • Working with the Camera
  • Working with Permissions and the Security Framework
Alternative Development Options and Other Resources
  • Building Apps with PhoneGap
  • Using Flex, Air and Other Development Options
  • Locating Resources and Help


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