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Learn to Develop Web Applications Using AngularJS
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Angular JS/7 Training in Nagpur course overview

This course explains how to use Angular JS/7 in Development to create web-applications. After completing our Angular JS/7 training and internship you will be able to create Dynamic web applications.

Practical Based Angular JS/7 training for beginners with Live projects at the end of the course will ensure that you can apply for the Angular 6 developer.

This Angular JS/7 training and internship are hands-on, instructor-led and classroom based. This training can be taken as a full time & part-time weekday and weekend only. A list of all upcoming Angular JS/7 training courses is given on Appzmine Tech


Prerequisites for Angular JS/ 7 Training in Nagpur

This course is not for beginners in JavaScript. To attend this training you must have previous working experience of JavaScript. A basic knowledge of CSS3 and HTML is also required.


Training from professional Angular 6 developers:

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What will I get

  • Referencing Angular 6 in a Web page
  • Building Single Page Applications using Angular 6
  • Integrating forms with Angular JS/7
  • Organizing code using modules
  • Injecting dependencies into a Module
  • Configuring routes with ngRouteand $routeProvider
  • Refactoring reusable code into factories and services
  • Defining business logic using controllers
  • Performing Ajax requests with the $httpand $resource services
  • Communicating with RESTful web services
  • Reading data from remote servers using $http
  • Providing new behaviors to HTML using Angular 6 directives
  • Enhancing the UI using animations and Bootstrap
  • Extending Angular JS/7 with custom directives, filter, and services

Angular 6 Course Content

Overview of Angular JS/7
  • Features and Benefits of Angular 6
  • MV* Design Pattern Overview
  • Downloading Angular JS/7
  • Referencing Angular JS/7Using a CDN
  • The Angular 6 Digest Cycle
    • $watch
    • $apply
  • Overview of jqLite
  • Architecting an Application with Angular JS/7


Building Modules in Angular 6
  • Overview of Modules
  • Organizing Code Using Modules
  • Defining an Application with the module()
  • Bootstrapping an Application with ngApp
  • Managing Dependencies with Dependency Injection
  • Dealing with Minification Issues


Using Built-In Angular JS/7 Directives
  • Angular JS/7 Directive Overview
  • Behavior-Driven Directives
    • ngChange
    • ngClick
    • ngSubmit
  • DOM-Driven Directives
    • ngShow/ngHide
    • ngIf/ngSwitch
    • ngSrc/ngHref
  • Data-Driven Directives
    • ngBind
    • ngInit
    • ngModel
    • ngClass/ngStyle


Angular JS/7 Routing
  • Overview of Routing
  • Configuring Routes with $routeProvider
  • Defining Route Parameters
  • Designing a Shell Page with ngView
  • Defining Templates
  • Mapping Route URLs to Templates


Integrating Forms in Angular JS/7
  • Using the Form Controller
  • Binding to Input Fields
  • Toggling Control State Using Directives and Expressions
    • ngChecked
    • ngShow
    • ngDisabled
Validating Forms in Angular JS/7
  • Setting HTML5 Validation Attributes
    • required
    • pattern
    • min/max
  • Using Angular 6 Properties in Expressions
    • $error
    • $dirty
    • $invalid
  • Styling the Form with Angular CSS classes
    • ng-valid
    • ng-invalid
    • ng-dirty
    • ng-pristine


Animating Angular JS/7 Applications
  • CSS3 Animations
    • CSS3 Transitions
    • CSS3 Animations
  • Using the $animate Service
  • Adding Animations on a, Leave and Move Events
  • Injecting the ngAnimate Module


Creating Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Single Page Application Model
  • Angular 6 Programming Model for SPAs
  • Building the Shell HTML
    • Designing a Common UI
    • Defining Navigation
  • Managing Feature Containers
    • Designing Partial Views
    • Organizing Business Logic in Controllers
    • Programming the Data Model
Creating Controllers
  • Defining a Controller with
  • Controller()
  • Creating Properties and Methods in a Controller
  • Using the ngController Directive
  • Defining $scopein a Controller
  • Avoiding Scope Conflicts Using “ControllerAs


Using Angular JS/7 Services
  • Built-In Services and Factories
  • Comparing Factories and Services
  • Using the $http and $resource Services
    • Connecting to RESTful Web Services
    • Performing CRUD Operations
    • Retrieving JSON data Asynchronously
  • Logging Errors with $log
  • Using the $location and $window Services
  • Deferred and Promise API


Data Binding
  • Overview of Data Binding
  • The ngModel Directive
  • Displaying Sets of Data with ngRepeat
  • Applying Filters
    • currency
    • date
    • order by
    • filter
    • Angular JS/7 Expressions


Extending Angular JS/7
  • Defining Custom Directives
    • Shared and Isolate Scope
    • Defining One- and Two-Way Data Bindings
    • Local Scope Properties (@, = and &)
  • Defining Custom Services
    • Refactoring Code into a Service
    • Defining Properties and Methods
    • Returning a Service
  • Defining Custom Factories
    • Refactoring Code into a Factory
    • Defining Properties and Methods
    • Returning a Factory Object
  • Defining Constants and Values
  • Defining Custom Filters


Integrating Third Party Frameworks
  • Creating a Responsive UI with the Bootstrap
  • Grid System
  • Applying Bootstrap CSS Classes
  • Using Bootstrap Components
    • Progress bar
    • Modal
    • Tabs
    • Navbar
  • Using AngularStrap and AngularUI Components


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