APPZMINE TECH offers quality services for BTS installation & Commissioning and Microwave installation & Commissioning.

BTS Installation & Commissioning
BTS Installation activities are carried out according to site specific installation plan and includes:

  •  Installation and termination of radio feeder cables, antennas and grounding kits
  •  Installation of BTS (or extension rack), plug-in units and all internal cables
  •  Installation of transmission cable, power cable and power system, Grounding cable and alarm cable for BTS
  • Load BTS software and set up needed parameters


APPZMINE TECH provides end to end Infra Services in the areas like Infra Development, Infra O&M and Projects Management. IWS deals in both active network equipment and passive Infra O&M. We have quality project team who are responsible for delivering Infra Development services, our O&M team is responsible for delivering Infra O&M services and our project  team is supported by engineers  in the specific field like site survey engineers, foundation and civil supervision engineers, towers, shelter services engineers etc.

We have all processes and documentation in place to carry of Infra activities. We keep on updating our work forces by our in-house training facilities to keep our resources update-to-date with current technologies.

Infra Development

  •  Site Survey and Acquisition
  •  Structure Audit and Analysis
  • Site foundation and civil work
  • Tower foundation
  • Site electrical work
  • Tower services
  • Shelter services

Infra O&M

  • Electrical O&M
  •  Tower O&M
  • Shelter O&M
  • Fuel Management

BTS Integration
We support in the integration according to Telecom Equipment manufacturer integration procedures and quality documentation. Integration is directed to:

Integrate the BTS to Base Station Controller (BSC)
General checkup of software package.

  •  Test calls for every time slot
  • Test external alarms and do any other required tests by the Operator
  •  Realignment of antennas during optimization

Transmission Implementation
In order for communication between the BTS and the BSC, there is a requirement for Microwave (MW) Installations as a transmission medium. Following activities are carried out by us to implement microwaves:

• Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit
• Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder
• Commissioning of MW link and Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level
• Integration of MW link