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JavaScript Training in Nagpur

Get the scripting skills you need to use the JavaScript language to enhance the website with interactive features with a choice of scheduled classes in Nagpur. Our bespoke & onsite options provide tailored course content and flexibility.

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JavaScript Training course overview

This course explains how to use JavaScript to create Dynamic web pages. After completing our JavaScript training you will be able to use JavaScript effects and animations on your web pages. With practical JavaScript based projects at the end of the course will ensure that you can apply JavaScript on your web projects.


Prerequisites for JavaScript Training

To attend this course you must have hands-on, coding experience of HTML and CSS.  If you are not fully familiar with such topics, please make sure you have some practice before the course starts or enroll in our HTML & CSS Training


Training from professional JavaScript developers.

Appzmine Developer has been implementing professional JavaScript solutions across a range of websites and application for many years. Those developers teach our JavaScript training and internship program, so their experience directly informs training content.


Real-time Practice and Live Projects.

Our JavaScript is designed to get you started in web design. We work on industry related projects in this JavaScript. These projects help you create your JavaScript portfolio.

JavaScript Course Content

Overview of JavaScript
  • Where does JavaScript Fit in?
  • Comparing Products
  • Comparing JavaScript to Java
  • The Purpose of JavaScript
  • Prerequisites


Building a Javascript Program
  • Using JavaScript in an HTML Document
  • Hiding JavaScript from old Web Browsers
Basic Syntax Used in JavaScript Commands
    • Basic Commands
    • Overview of Variables
    • Assigning Values to Variables
    • Concatenating String Variables
    • Creating & Calling Function
    • Sending Parameters to a Function
    • Receiving Parameters out of a function
    • Variable scope & Lifetime
    • Functions Called by Events
     Flow Control Structures
    • If Structure
    • If Else Structure
    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • For/in Structure
    • Unary Operators
    • Numeric Operators
    • Logical Operators
     String Processing
    • Length
    • Converting to all Upper or Lower Case
    • Index of
    • Last Index of
    • Char At
    • Substr.
    • Standard JavaScript Functions
    • Creating an Object
    • Adding Functions to an Object
    • Multiple Instances of an Object type
     History Object
    • Accessing the History Object
    • Creating Buttons
    • History.Go Method
     Date Object
    • Creating a Date Object
    • Setting the Date & Time by a Single String
    • Separating Variables with Commas
    • Displaying the Date & Time
    • Time Zones
    • Extracting the Date
    • Extracting the Hrs
    • Set Date Method
    • Set Time
    • Non-Data Object Functions
     Using Objects like Arrays
    • Creating an Array
    • For Loop
    • Time Status
    • Buttons
     Location Objects
    • Loading a Web Page from the Clients Hard Drive
    • Receiving a Document of the Web Server
    • Anchors & Hypertext Links
    • Tracking the on Click Event
Form Object
  • Button Objects
  • Text Objects
  • Text Area Objects
  • Hidden Objects
  • Check Box Objects
  • Radio Button Objects
  • Selecting Objects
  • On Change Events


HTTP Cookies
  • The Cookie Property
  • Setting the Cookie Property
  • GetCookie()
  • SetCookie()
  • Delete Cookie()
  • Scope
  • Lifetime
Calendar Application
  • Static Calendar
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Functions for Up-Dating the Calendar
  • Assigning Values to the Dates of the Month


Math Object
  • Constants
  • Circumference Calculator Application
  • Functions
  • Referencing Objects in Other Frame
  • Event Calendar
Shopping Cart Application
  • Order Entry on the Web
  • Looking at the Parent Object
  • Creating an Array of Objects
  • Order now Function
  • Order Form


Form Validation
  • Trapping Empty Fields
  • Finding Invalid Values
  • Intercepting the Submit Button


Using Java Applets
  • Integrating Java Applets with HTML

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