Node JS Training in Nagpur, Learn Node.Js from Node.Js programmers and also create projects for your portfolio.

Node JS Training in Nagpur with Real-time Practice and Live Projects

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MongoDB is the latest and rapidly growing database


Learn Express Js from programmers and create projects

Best Node JS Training in Nagpur


Node JS Training in Nagpur course overview

Node JS Training in Nagpur explains how to use Node.Js to create interactive web pages. and capable to work as front-end designers and server-side developers how to rapidly create, maintain, and deploy Node.js  web & applications. The student will learn how to use Node.js to create Command Line Interface applications for system administration and process management, use Node.js networking modules to communicate with TCP/IP clients and servers such as HTTP servers, and create/consume REST (Representational State Transfer) data services. Attendees will learn how to leverage frameworks such as Express to rapidly build Web Applications. The student will learn how to use Node.js to connect to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB to store, retrieve, and manipulate data (i.e., achieve data persistence).


Node JS Training in Nagpur Training from professional Node.Js developers:

Appzmine consultants are implementing skilled Node.Js solutions across a variety of websites & application for several years. Those consultants write and teach our Node JS Training in Nagpur courses, thus their expertise directly informs course content


Students Will Learn

• Installation and configuration of Node.js
• Using npm to install and manage modules
• Working with the Node JS Version 8.
• Building protocol servers and protocol clients
• Synchronous and asynchronous style patterns
• Building Node.js applications
• Storing application knowledge in NoSQL databases
• Working with internet application frameworks such as express
• Testing and Debugging Node.js applications
• Using Node.js core modules
• Using the Node.js event system and event emitters
• Interacting with the file system victimization buffers and streams
• Using Node.js networking API’s to make internetworked applications
• Creating and consuming restful internet services

Node JS Course Content

About Node.js
  • Server Side JavaScript
  • The Event Loop
  • Asynchronous Execution
  • npm
  • Node.js Architecture
  • Node.js Core Modules
  • Node.js Projects and Applications
  • Node.js Command Line Arguments
ES6 Enhancements
  • Arrow Functions
  • let and const Keywords
  • Enhanced Object Literals
  • Map and Set Collections
  • WeakMap and WeakSet Collections
  • String Template Literals
Programming Fundamentals with Node
  • Using Modules to Organize code
  • creating and Reusing Code with Modules
  • Asynchronous Programming Fundamentals
  • Using Callbacks to Handle Events
  • Using EventEmitters to Handle Repeating Events
  • Type Testing with the util Module
  • The Node.js Module Loading System
  • Module Caching
System and Data Interaction With Node
  • Interacting with the System Using the os Module
  • Working with the File System Using the fs and path Modules
  • Managing Data Flow with Pipes and Streams
  • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous File System Interaction
  • Using Buffers to Read and Manipulate Binary Data
  • Handling and Transforming File Path Information with the path Module
  • Spawning and Managing Processes using the process Module
Web Application and Network Programming
  • Using Express to Rapidly Build and Deploy Web Applications
  • REST-Based Web Service Fundamentals
  • Creating HTTP Servers and Clients Using the HTTP Module
  • Sending HTTP Requests and Receiving HTTP Responses
  • Making DNS Requests with the DNS Module
  • Creating TCP Clients and Servers with the net Module
Creating Modules
  • Planning Modules
  • Working with the package.json File
  • Working with Dependencies
  • Understanding Semantic Versioning
  • Testing Modules
Node.js Global Environment
  • Timers
  • Global Objects
  • The process Object
  • Buffers and Buffer Manipulation
Installation and Configuration
  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Express
  • MongoDB


Unit Testing and Debugging with Node.js
  • Implementing Unit Tests with the Assert Module
  • Test Driven Development with Nodeunit
  • Behavioural Testing with Mocha
  • Facilitating Debugging with the Console Module
  • Working with the Node.js Debug Utility
Data Persistence with Node.js
  • Data Persistence Mechanisms
  • MongoDB Capabilities
  • Connecting to MongoDB
  • Using the fs Module to Read and Write Files Synchronously and Asynchronously
Process Management with the process Module
  • Executing External Applications
  • Attaching and Detaching Child Processes
  • Facilitating Inter-Process Communication between Node.js Processes
  • Making Node.js Applications Executable

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