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Mean Stack

Now Mean Stack Training in Napur

Mean Stack Training in Nagpur will advance your career as a MEAN stack developer. You’ll learn top skills such as MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js (“MEAN”), plus GIT, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build and deploy interactive web applications and services.


Learn from basic to advance HTML 5 web programming


CSS is very important in web designing to arrange the webpage


JavaScript to bring interactive controls and functionality

Best Mean Stack Training in Nagpur with Real-time Practice and Live Projects


Best Mean Training in Nagpur

MEAN stack is essentially a collection of JavaScript-based Web development technologies. also The Expression MEAN stack identifies a choice of JavaScript-based technology used to create web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AnjularJS, and Node.js. The app begins with Node.js and Express.js that provide an excellent foundation to comprehend and construct web applications with the support of JavaScript. Further, you may obtain an extensive understanding of Angular to help you master backend internet development. Finally, you’re going to get a practice in MongoDB


Who is Node.Js, EXPRESS, MongoDB to build Web Applications training for?

This course is for you if you are interested in MEAN STACK Training in Nagpur using Angular10, Node.Js, and Express and MongoDB to create Web Applications and APIs


Prerequisites for MEAN STACK Training in Nagpur

Mean Stack Training in Nagpur to attend this course, you must be familiar with basic Web Design, JavaScript SASS tools. If you are not familiar with such topics, please consider enrolling in our Web design course, JavaScript training, Advanced JavaScript training, also Full Stack Web Development.


What will I get?

Training from professional NedeJS developers:

Appzmine consultants have been implementing professional MEAN STACK solutions across a range of projects for many years. Those consultants write and teach our Mean Stack Training in Nagpur and Internship, so their experience directly informs Training content.

Real-time Practice and Projects:

Our Mean Stack Training in Nagpur and Internship are designed to get you started in creating Web API & Applications. We also work on industry-related projects in this MEAN STACK. These projects help you create your MEAN STACK portfolio.

Course Material:

Mean Stack Training in Nagpur electronic notes are included in this course.

Course Completion Certificate:

After completing this training and Internship, you will receive a Mean Stack Training in Nagpur completion certificate. If you Create 3 Live Project, you will get 6 Month Experience Certificate.

Support and Careers Advice:

After compliting Mean Stack Training in Nagpur course, if you have any problems or questions regarding MEAN STACK, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Senior Developer/Training are experts in their fields, and if you need any help with your career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

Mean Stack Training in Nagpur

Introduction to MEAN
  • Defining MEAN
  • Studying the Architecture of MEAN
  • Scope of MEAN
  • Benefits of Using MEAN
  • Application of MEAN
  • The Four Building Components
  • An Insight into Mongo DB
  • An Insight into Express
  • An Insight into Angular.js
  • An Insight into Node.js
  • Collaboration of the Four technologies
  • Outcome and Deployment
Understanding MongoDB and NoSQL
  • Scope of NoSQL
  • What is MongoDB
  • Data Types in MongoDB
  • Planning Data Model
  • Creating MongoDB Environment
  • How to Administer User Accounts
  • How to Configure Access Control
  • How to Administer Databases
  • How to Manage Collections
The Collaboration of MongoDb and Node.js
  • MongoDb: Overview, Structure, and Application
  • Commands: Shell and Native
  • Various Models
  • Node.js and its application
  • What is Node Package Manager
  • MongoDb plus node.js    
  • MongoDb and its connection with shell
  • Event Loop and Node.js
  • Testing with Mocha
  • Package.json: npm run-script
  • Mocha tests with gulp
  • MongoDB Schema Design    
  • Schema Design Principles: Store what you query for and Principle of least cardinality
  • Retail Application Schema: product, category, and user and cart
Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.js
  • How to add MongoDB Driver to Node.js
  • How to connect to MongoDB from Node.js
  • Objects used in the MongoDB Node.js Driver
  • How to Access and Manipulate Databases and Collections
  • How to Manipulate MongoDB Documents from Node.js
  • Database Change Options and Database Update Operators
  • Adding Documents to a Collection
  • Getting Documents from a Collection
  • Updating Documents in a Collection
  • Modifying and Saving Documents in a Collection
  • Deleting Documents from a Collection
  • What is a Data Set
  • Query Objects
  • Specific Sets of Documents
  • Counting Documents
  • Limiting, Sorting, and Grouping Result Sets
  • MapReduce and Results
Mongoose, Schema and Validation
  • What is Mongoose?
  • How to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose
  • What is a Schema
  • How to compile a Model
  • Understanding Objects: Query and Document
  • Finding, Adding, Updating, Removing, and Aggregating Documents by using Mongoose
  • How to use Validation Framework
  • How to Implement Middleware Functions
  • An Insight into Advanced MongoDB Concepts
  • Adding Indexes
  • Capped Collections, Replication, and Sharding
  • How to implement a GridFS Store
  • How to repair a MongoDB Database
The Collaboration between Express and Node.js
  • Overview, Structure, and Installation of Express
  • Generating a Web Application using Express
  • Matters of Authentication
  • Configuring Routes
  • Objects: Request and Response
  • How to implement a Template Engine
  • Functioning of Socket.IO
  • Interdependence of Express and Node.js
  • Defining REST API
  • API: Product, Category, Card APIs
  • Integrating Functions
  • MongoDB Text Search
  • Open Exchange Rates
Express Middleware
  • What is Middleware
  • Query Middleware
  • How to serve Static Files
  • POST Body Data and Cookies
  • How to implement Sessions
  • Basic HTTP Authentication
  • Session Authentication
  • Facebook access token authentication
AngularJS, MongoDB, and Node.js
  • Overview of Angular JS
  • Application of Angular JS
  • AngularJS LifeCycle
  • Developing Web Page with AngularJS
  • Hello World AngularJS
  • AngularJS Modules: Set-Up and Architecture
  • Modules and Dependency Injection
  • How to Integrate AngularJS with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Adding AngularJS to Node.js Environment
  • Scopes and Scope Hierarchy
  • Broadcasting and Emitting Events
  • Templates and views, Expressions and Filters
  • Controllers and Filters: Inbuilt Filters and Custom Filters
  • Services and Client-side Routing
  • Routes and Directives
  • Using Built-in Directives
  • Creating your own Directives to Extend HTML
  • Creating Nested Routes and Application
  • Inbuilt Directives and Inbuilt Pipes
  • AngularJS Services: Built-in and Custom Services
  • CRUD commands in MongoDB
  • REST/HTTP requests in a REST API
Create your Shopping Cart and Build Web Application Components
  • Shopping Cart: Description of the Project
  • Shopping Cart: Libraries and Project Directory Structure
  • Shopping Cart: Customer, Product, and Orders Models
  • Creating Shopping Cart Server
  • Shopping Cart: Implementation of the Routes to support Product, Cart, and Order Requests
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout Views
  • Shopping Cart: Model-Based Controller Routes
  • Web Application: Description of the Project
  • Web Application: Libraries and Project Directory Structure
  • Web Application: creating Application Server
  • Web Application: Routes to Support views
  • Web Application: Tabbed View and Weather Service View
  • Web Application: Draggable Elements and Dynamic Data Access
  • Initializing the Application
  • Summary

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