Ruby On Rail Training in Nagpur, Learn Ruby on Rails programming from Ruby web developers, Ruby and Rails together provides a built-in environment to get started. Coding has been the most painful part of development and Ruby on Rails has arrived as a heal to this challenging to learn but it can save hectic unusual coding.

Ruby On Rail Training in Nagpur with Real-time Practice and Projects

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Ruby On Rail Training in Nagpur course overview

This Ruby on Rails course explains how to use Ruby on Rails to create dynamic websites. After completion of ruby on rails courses you will be able to work on Rail framework, Directory structure, Active records, controllers, Views, layouts, Scaffolding, Ajax, etc. Any student can join ruby on rails courses that have basic knowledge of any programming language.

By taking Training from Appzmine Ruby on Rails Training in Nagpur, delegates will learn:

  • Focus on the practical environment.
  • Ruby programming language
  • Understand the Rails Framework
  • ActiveRecord
  • Use Ajax in Rails applications
  • Deployment of Web applications to Application / Web servers (e.g. Tomcat)
  • Object-oriented principles
  • MVC
  • e-business applications using Ruby
  • Build dynamic database-driven websites

Prerequisites for Ruby On Rail Training in Nagpur

    • A solid knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. You can get a good knowledge of HTML and CSS by taking our web design course.
    • It is necessary to have knowledge of any server-side programming or an object orientated programming language experience before you start this Ruby on Rails course. You can complete this requirement by taking one of our web development courses like PHP course or NodeJS training.
    • It is not a necessity but some additional knowledge of XML, SQL, and JavaScript would be an advantage.

Training from professional Ruby on Rails web developers

Appzmine developer has been implementing professional Ruby on Rails solutions across a range of websites for many years. Those consultants write and teach our Ruby on Rails training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

Real-time Practice and Projects

Our Ruby on Rails courses is designed to get you started in web programming . We work on industry related projects in this Ruby on Rails. If you have a project or an idea that you wanted to turn into website then present that idea during the course and our trainers will help you to work on your own website
Ruby on Rails Training in Nagpur Course Content
Introduction Ruby
  • What is Ruby
  • Why ruby
  • The general purpose of ruby
  • Brief History of Ruby
  • Where does ruby get its ideas
  • Ruby Installation with RVM
  • Creating a basic script in ruby
  • Sample demo of the ruby program
ruby version manager
  • Rvm installation
  • Rvm commands
  • Rvm Usage
Working in Linux(Ubuntu) Platform
  • Basic Linux commands
  • File/Directory Permissions
  • Changing access rights
  • Text Editors used for ROR
Ruby Operators & Ruby Shell
  • IRB – Ruby Shell
  • Working with Ruby operators and expressions
  • Numeric Methods
  • Rand and Ranges
  • Strings, Escaping, Interpolation
  • String methods
  • Dates and Times
Ruby Data Types & Variables
  • Ruby Datatypes
  • Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Symbols.
  • Types of Variables(Global, Instance, Class, Local, Constant, Pseudo)
  • Difference between local & instance variables
  • Parallel Assignment
  • Variable conditions
Ruby methods and modules
  • Basic ruby methods
  • Return values from methods, return statements
  • Class methods
  • Different ways to call methods
  • Ruby modules and Mixins
  • Ruby require and include the statement
  • Difference between class and module
Basic loops and iterators
  • Conditional operators
  • Case Statement
OOP in Ruby
  • OOP
  • Class
  • The initialize method
  • The accessor & setter method
  • Access Control
  • Class Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Operator Overloading
  • Singleton methods
  • Metaclass
  • Defining Attributes
  • Variable types in Ruby
  • Super
  • Regular Expressions
  • Exceptions
Rails Installation and Ruby gems
  • What is Rails
  • Full tack Framework
  • Rails Strength
  • COC(convention over configuration)
  • Rails Installation
  • Ruby and Rails installation on Linux
  • Ruby Gems
  • Working with RubyGems
  • Gem commands
  • Framework Technology
  • MVC
  • Rails Components
  • How does Rails works in MVC
  • Creating a Sample Application with Rails
  • Rails Installation
  • Folder Structure
  • Setup the application
  • Rake
  • Mysql Introduction
  • Installation
  • Start/Stop MySQL
  • Basic Mysql operators
  • Creating user and database in MySQL
RAILS Model, Controller and Views Controller
  • What is the controller?
  • Architecture Diagram for Controller
  • Creating a Controller
  • Methods and Actions
  • Parameters(params)
  • Controller Default methods
  • Scaffolding
  • Routing
  • Restful Resources
  • CRUD Verbs and Actions
  • Filters(Before,After,Around)
  • What is model
  • Active record Basics
  • Destroy a model
  • Migrations
  • Modify, update a model
  • Dropping a database
  • Association, Validation and callbacks
  • Why Association
  • Without and wtih Association
  • Types of Association
  • Active Record validations
  • Callbacks & types of callbacks


  • Embedded Ruby
  • Working in HAML
  • Working with Ajax, Jquery in Rails framework


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